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Connecting you to innovative artists, creative projects and dynamic arts organizations

Norobo is an international production company with a special love for music and theater.

We are based in Copenhagen working with clients, artists and arts organizations in Denmark and internationally across genres.

Norobo initiates new performing arts projects, provide project management and representation for existing projects, and offer service and support for selected artists.

With years of experience from producing arts projects and with solid knowledge of the international performing arts sector, we offer consulting and advice to individuals, organizations and public entities.

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Silent Zone

Domestic abuse uncovered

Danish composer, Louise Alenius, has written the libretto and composed the music for the much-lauded chamber opera, Silent Zone. With the seasoned director, Tue Biering, and the upcoming set designer, Ida Grarup Nielsen, providing a groundbreaking staging, the opera was premiered during the Copenhagen Opera Festival in August 2017 with overwhelmingly positive press reviews. Following the performances in Copenhagen, the work received the prestigious Danish ”Reumert Award” in 2018 for ”Best stage direction” and was also nominated in the categories for ”Best opera” and ”Best set design”.

In a collaboration between Copenhagen Opera Festival and Norobo, Silent Zone is now available for international touring.

Alpha Trio

An extraordinary band in uncharted musical waters

Alpha’s musical concept is unique – An ensemble of classically trained virtuoses commissioning pieces, improvising, performing world music, exploring electroacoustic music, electronica and medieval music, and on top that, composing themselves as well. A stylistic span from the 14th century to newly written works, from Orthodox Georgian chorals to minimalistic techno.

Each of the Alpha members, in their own right, have made their mark in European music life - Bolette Roed on recorder, Peter Navarro-Alonso on classical saxophone, and David Hildebrandt on classical percussion.

In the spring of 2018, Alpha released "Le Quattro Stagioni", where Peter Navarro-Alonso’s reworking of one of the great masters once more provides the Alphas with a launchpad for playful and exhilarating exchanges with both past and present.

Listen to Alpha Trio

Oklahoma from Swedish Suite
Schnee: Canon 2a (Hans Abrahamsen)
Le Quattro Stagioni: II. L'estate (After Vivaldi's RV 315)

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