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Norobo is a cutting-edge international production company with a special love for music and theatre. We work internationally with performers and artist across genres. Norobo has a strong professional foundation in arts management and offers consulting and advice to organizations and public entities.

Norobo believes art is uniquely powerful in its ability to shape our understanding of the world. And we believe that the performing arts and actual meetings between performers and audiences has a special place in this endeavour.

In a modern world which increasingly seems to alienate us from each other and ourselves, there is a need for thoughtful experiences that embrace both our highest hopes and our worst fears. A source of immersive imagery and narratives carrying the potential of reconnecting us with our shared humanity.

Connecting ideas
and artists

We develop fresh ideas for arts projects and match them with innovative artists.

Cross-disciplinary and international

Our work reaches across genres, arts sectors and countries. We create value by working through differences.

Based on years of solid performing arts experience

Our work is based on years of professional practice and leadership experience…and a passion for bringing great art to the world

Fresh, post-genre and

We initiate and support new work - or classical work in new contexts - on the forefront of technology and genre meetings

Connecting ideas
and artists

and international

Based on years of solid performing arts experience

Fresh, post-genre and

Rasmus Adrian

Founder and director

Rasmus Adrian has solid experience as a creative producer, executive and artistic director from the Danish performing arts scene. From his work with music and theatre, he has developed a unique understanding of facilitating international meetings across disciplines and art forms. Rasmus has worked in an executive and managerial capacity in a number of organizations, including Concerto Copenhagen, Theater Republique, South Denmark Philharmonic, and Hotel Pro Forma. With norobo, Rasmus has created a platform for connecting artists, projects and arts organizations. Rasmus is an external lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School where he teaches arts management subjects. He is also an avid classical guitar player.

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