A personal journey through religion, gender, and humanity

    Female Prayers is a sound installation by Danish sound artist, Nevin Eronde. Based on Nevin's own experience, her work touches upon questions of power, gender and globalization.

    In Female Prayers, prayer calls made by female imams around the world is documented and made available in a sound/video installation.
    The work is a peaceful political message about diversity. It is based on a dream, that one day, we will hear the presence of female voices calling for prayer in public spaces around the world. The work challenges patriarchal society structures and the listeners own prejudices and bias whether it is gender, role, social structures or religion.

    Project Team:
    Nevin Eronde, sound artist
    Ingeborg Okkels, sound consultant
    Kristian Hverring, sound consultant
    Steffi DiOrgio, visual artist

    Rasmus Adrian, creative producer

    The work is under development. Please watch this space for more information.

    We are currently looking for international partners.

    Nevin Eronde

    Nevin Eronde

    Sound Art,Under Development,

    Immersive orchestral colours

    The opera, The Picture of Dorian Grey, by Danish composer, Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen, premiered in 2014 on the Danish National Opera with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. The opera was widely received with positive acclaims. The Danish newspaper, Politiken, described Olesen's music in the following manner:

    "Olesen's score moves the listener in many different ways. Floating and overwhelming in its mix of styles - Richard Strauss, ragtime, musical and more, seem to break through the predominantly modernist tone of speech - the music provides an endless source of surprise and pleasure. Often, the orchestral score becomes almost transcendent when it unfolds its dynamic expressions, sometimes explosively in large, wavy movements. Its intoxicating sound produces a grand sense of scale and atmosphere which is ideally suited to the drama."

    Together with Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen, norobo is developing a new concept for staging aimed at opera houses and performing arts organizations internationally.

    Read more about Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen at his publisher, Edition Wilhelm Hansen

    Opera,Symphony,Under Development,

    Off The Wall with Alpha Trio

    ”The Goldberg Variations - Off the Wall” is a composition by Peter Navarro-Alonso, a reworking for Alpha Trio of the The Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach.

    Lasting 65 minutes, the music begins with the famous aria, orchestrated in a silent, dark, and ghostly manner.
    Then follows 30 variations. Throughout these variations, the composition gradually develops from simplicity towards complexity, from a basic acceptance of the musical structures presented by Bach towards a struggling fight in a desperate search for new meaning.
    Peter Navarro-Alonso's work adds no additional notes to the original Goldberg Variations. The reworking is an creative and extreme orchestration that leaves the listener wondering where the music of Bach and history ends, and the music of Navarro-Alonso and the present begins.

    Available for international presenters.

    Read more about Alpha Trio here…

    Composer and saxophone player, Peter Navarro-Alonso

    Peter Navarro-Alonso

    An intimate Christmas celebration with Nordic Affect

    Through the ages Christmas has been a season where many think of, or travel home. Home is however also a living environment and ever changing; one we shape ourselves. Through ‘Að Heima / To Home’ Nordic Affect invites the audience into their musical home, where they meet instruments, whose sounds invite intimacy and nearness. And just as every voice should be heard in the household, all of the performers will contribute to the program through their own choice of baroque consort music and holiday tunes from his/her homeland into the programming.

    Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir (IS), violin
    Antina Hugosson (SE), violin
    Ian Wilson (UK), recorders
    Liam Byrne (US), gamba
    Guðrún Óskarsdóttir (IS), harpsichord

    Now availailable for touring.


    Mirroring culture in abstractions of nature

    Nordic Fractals is a meeting between the Icelandic period instrument band, Nordic Affect, and Danish video artist, Carl Emil Carlsen, facilitated by norobo. The is produced for black box type venues creating an immersive experience which combines music and sound art of Nordic Affect with the tactile, interactive, and visually stunning work of Carl Emil Carlsen. Nordic Fractals is a visual and abstract journey into music and nature, culture and geography, using advanced video technology.

    The project was preniered in Copenhagen in June 2019 as part of the KLANG Festival.

    Project team:
    Nordic Affect:
    Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir, violin
    Antina Hugosson, viola
    Hanna Loftsdóttir, cello
    Guðrún Óskarsdóttir, harpsichord

    Videoartist and visuel concept: Carl Emil Carlsen
    Sound: Kristian Hverring
    Production manager: Joakim Roedgaard
    SoMe & PR: Elvira Mormino

    Executive producer: Rasmus Adrian

    Watch Nordic Fractals
    Visual Concert,Sound Art,Under Development

    Power and freedom in the 21st century

    Composer Steingrimur Rohloff and creative producer Rasmus Adrian have set out to create a new opera about power and morality, wisdom and self-esteem, freedom and tyranny. A project that will offer a pencil-sharp and humorous commentary on how the 20th-century ideals of democracy and the state in the 21st-century are diluted by populism and negative forces of globalization.

    The opera will be staged using advanced audio and video technology creating a virtual space that provides a unique backdrop for the story.

    The opera is currently under development and is expected to premiere in 2020/2021.

    Read more about the opera here…

    Opera,Under Development,

    A grotesque and extremely funny operatic addition to Shakespeare's legacy

    A truly Nordic team of theater makers has crafted an original and humorous tale around Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

    ”What is a name?” ”Only a sound” is the answer, taking us to Hugi Gudmunsson’s fascinating music. Melancholic passages dissolve in skewed harmonies ending in a yawn, a sigh, a whimper or a sob – or grow imperceptibly into the expressive accompaniment of an orgie, a clownish trick or a stomping dance. Poetic opera pop is interrupted by ”Helan går” (a drinking song) or a version of ”Che gelida manina”.

    Everyone says Ophelia is mad. She can no longer speak, but has started to sing. She seeks out a therapist to get a diagnosis. Together they release Ophelia’s inner demons. Her beloved Hamlet has killed Polonius and her brother Laertes is on a quest for vengeance. At the same time, Claudius and Gertrud are going through intense marriage counselling, where accusations fly in all directions. Gertrud loves her son more than anything, but Hamlet is a thorn in the side of Claudius. While everyone else sorts out existential crises, the man at the center of all this, Hamlet, is conspicuously absent.

    Music composed by Hugi Gudmundsson
    Libretto by Jakob Weis

    Director: Åsa Melldahl
    Stage & costume design: Marie i Dali

    Produced by NORDIC OPERA

    "Hamlet in Absentia" received numerous prized following its premiere at Kronborg Castle in Helsinore:

    • Nominated for "Best Opera of 2017" - Danish Reumert Awards
    • "Best Playwright of 2017" (Jakob Weis) - Danish Reumert Awards
    • Talent Prize of 2017 (Soprano Sibyle Glosted) - Danish Reumert Awards
    • The Icelandic Music Award 2017 (Hugo Gudmundsson)

    More information at Nordic Opera: http://nordicopera.dk/hamlet-in-absentia/

    The production is available for international touring.

    Available, Opera

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